Kassi Ashton grew up in California, Mo., a small town that she admits includes "virtually *no* black people." Nonetheless, the rising country singer has learned how to speak up when she sees instances of racism.

As people across the United States are banding together to fight racial inequality, Ashton is offering her Twitter followers some tips for protesting against racist words and actions. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

"If you’ve never spoken up to a family member who is racist in front of you, maybe practice it out loud at home. It might help you gain the confident voice you know you have," Ashton shares. "There is a mature way to handle it, even if they stoop low. Use your voice."

The singer admits it's hard for her to understand how people who grew up in areas like her not-particularly-diverse hometown can be racist. "Where does your hate stem from if you’ve had no personal experience?" she wonders.

"You’ve never actually met a black person? Or a had a conversation? So this hate is coming from thin air?" Ashton adds.

Thomas Rhett — who is raising a black daughter — Tim McGrawLady Antebellum and many more have joined a call for change after Floyd's death. The music industry is making a community-wide statement on Tuesday (June 2) with #TheShowMustBePaused as well.

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