Kenny Chesney is grateful for "Knowing You" in the reflective video for his latest single.

After building up anticipation with three teasers, Chesney officially released his new music video, shot on location in Gloucester, Mass., and the Virgin Islands, on Friday (March 12). The Tennessee native takes to the sea in two separate worlds, juxtaposing the stormy skies above the Atlantic Ocean while working on a fishing boat with sailing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean with the woman of his dreams.

Throughout the video, Chesney also serves as the entertainment at a dive bar in the coastal New England town, poised on a stool in the corner, singing the acoustic number as locals drown their sorrows at the bar and play billiards. In between sweeping landscape shots of the dark ocean, Chesney recalls the comforting memories of being on the islands with the woman he loves, the two lost in their own little corner of the world.

But when the waters of the Atlantic get rough, the singer turns to the skull necklace his former lover gifted to him and throws it into the abyss. The video ends with a lighthouse guiding the way home as the camera zooms out on the sun-soaked horizon.

“It’s such a pure song,” Chesney says of "Knowing You" in a press release. “If you listen, you can find the people you love in it. I wanted the video to have that, too.

"It’s not about being on a fishing boat freezing, but this pain you feel -- and also finding gratitude for knowing someone who changed your life," he adds. "Wherever they are, you know they’re living their best life; they’re shining and doing the same thing for someone else -- and that can be in this life, or the next.”

"Knowing You" is featured on Chesney's 2020 album Here and Now. It follows previous singles "Happy Does," "Tip of My Tongue" and the chart-topping title track.

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