Well it was bound to happen sooner or later, Netflix will be tightening up their security and verification systems when it comes to client accounts and passwords. That means the days of sharing Netflix accounts and passwords are numbered, it was fun while it lasted. They're doing some testing of the new account verification system in several different markets so it may not hit Lawton, Fort Sill until later.

How it works is it monitors account activity and log ins, more than likely by device or I.P. addresses. If it suspects that someone's using the account who isn't authorized or the actual account holder it will ask you to confirm your account by entering a verification code they'll send you by text or email.

Again not everyone is seeing this message, but eventually they'll roll this out Nationwide, more like Worldwide. So if you're using someone else's Netflix account and password you'll have to get your own some time soon. All the sign ins for in home accounts will remain the same, so you don't have to worry about your kids or other family members trying to log on. But if it's on an unfamiliar device or I.P. address it will require entering a code to continue watching. We're not too sure if you'll have to use a code every time you log in on a different device or location. Whatever you watch Netflix on the most should auto-save.

Of course as soon as this news broke most people already found the quick, or somewhat quick work around. If you've allowed a friend or family member to use your Netflix account you would have to give them the codes as they logged in. More than likely they would be sent via text message, or possibly email. This way they can continue watching, but those you don't want having access to your account won't be able to log on. I know a lot of people who share their accounts or are using someone else's account. How about you?

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