Oklahoma has had many infamous tornadoes. If asked, many Oklahomans will be able to recount the tornado that scared them the most or one that they will never forget. Even if they weren't in the eye of the storm, an Oklahoman will always remember the day their neighbor's house was flattened.

Are all tornadoes deadly?

Although they're scary and destructive, not all tornadoes are necessarily deadly. What all tornadoes cause is damage. But it's the bigger tornadoes that often end up being the most deadly, and cause the most damage.

Often, it's the damage that can be the most deadly than the tornado itself. There is no completely safe place from a tornado, but some places are safer than others. Like an underground storm shelter is considered safer than an interior room with no windows.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

But more often than not, when a tornado strikes, Oklahomans are seeking shelter in an interior room. And if a tornado strikes the building, the debris are what can cause death. Even if you're in a basement, debris can be a danger.

What makes a tornado deadly?

Flying debris is one of the main causes of death during tornadoes. If you're in a building or sheltering in a basement, collapsing calls and falling debris can be deadly. Sheltering in a mobile home or an automobile are some of the most dangerous places to seek shelter during a tornado. These vessels can easily be swept up and destroyed by a tornado.

Surprisingly, being in a large room in a big building is a bad place to be during a tornado. If a tornado hits the building, the gigantic, heavy roof will cave in. It's better to find a smaller room to shelter in if you're in a store like Walmart.

Tornadoes can strike at any time of day, whether you're out shopping or deep asleep. So if your area has a chance of tornadoes before you go to bed, it's best to have a device that will wake you up if a tornado strikes. An NOAA Weather Radio will wake you up when you need to head to the shelter.

National Weather Service in Norman
National Weather Service in Norman

What were the deadliest tornadoes in Oklahoma?

The National Weather Service in Norman has kept data of the deadliest tornadoes in Oklahoma's history from 1882 to present. Most of the deadliest tornadoes ranged from F4 to EF5, and those that had the most fatalities were when weather technology wasn't as good as it is today - tornadoes blew through without warning. This is why remaining weather aware during severe weather days is important!

Check out Oklahoma's top 10 deadliest tornadoes below. And if you remember any of these events, send us your experience or photos on our mobile app.

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Oklahoma's Top 10 Deadliest Tornadoes

From the National Weather Service in Norman, these are the 10 most deadly tornadoes that happened in Oklahoma from 1882 to present.

Gallery Credit: Kaley Patterson

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