Yes, you read that right! "Twister" will soon be back on the big screen in Oklahoma. A local movie theater in Oklahoma City will show the 1996 movie for a whole week.

'Twister' will be shown by Rodeo Cinema.

Rodeo Cinema is Oklahoma City's only nonprofit movie theater and it's located in two historic locations in Oklahoma City's Stockyards City and Film Row. At Stockyards City, Rodeo Cinema is located inside the Rodeo Theatre. According the website, the Rodeo Theatre was first opened in 1924 showing silent movies and hosted vaudeville entertainment. Rodeo Theatre is Oklahoma City's longest-running cinema.

Film Row Cinema is located inside the historic Paramount Building. It's the nation's last remaining screening room inside the 1930s landmark building from the historic Film Exchange Program. According to the Rodeo Cinema website, "A film exchange was a business in film distribution that rented out movies to theaters. They opened up all over the U.S. to handle film reels during the silent film era. Film exchanges were often a separate business from production."

'Twister' will show at the Rodeo Theatre in Stockyards City April 12-18!

If you're a big fan of "Twister," like every Oklahoman, or you can't wait for the "Twisters" premiere later this year, then you'll want to catch the 1996 original film back on the big screen this month. You can see "Twister" April 12-18 at the Rodeo Theatre in Stockyards City.

For information about tickets and more screenings hosted by Rodeo Cinema, check out the Rodeo Cinema official website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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