Kenny Chesney has plenty of famous friends, and from time to time he'll hear one say how they appreciate his music. Actor Ashton Kutcher reached out to let Chesney know where, exactly, he appreciates his music.

The Taste of Country Nights team asked Chesney about some of the celebrity comments on his social media posts. For example, Fox Sports journalist Erin Andrews said she likes his new song "Knowing You." NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman offered condolences when Chesney shared that a friend had died in a helicopter crash. Matthew McConaughey has told the superstar how he liked songs like "You and Tequila" — it's a long list.

"Ashton Kutcher came up to me one night and told me that he listens to my music every time he has to go to a movie premiere," Chesney says. "He listens to my music because it just makes him feel humble and reflective of where he grew up."

Kutcher — best known for his role in the television series That '70s Show — grew up in Iowa. He has appeared at country music events in the past, most memorably at the 2012 ACM Awards when he dressed in western wear and artists like Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore felt he was making fun of the genre. He'd later explain that he wasn't and is a huge fan.

"Knowing You" is Chesney's third single from his latest album Here and Now (2020). He says it reminds him of the songs that made him want to fall in love with country music growing up.

"It feels really comfortable for me," he says of a song he describes as both simple and powerful. "It just feels like a song that I haven't had in awhile."

"I think we all have these people that come in and out of our lives and they leave a mark on our soul," the "Happy Does" hitmaker continues. "The reason I love 'Knowing You' is that it raises a glass to those people. It's almost a thank you. It's a song about gratitude and forgiveness and love and just the fact that the person was in your life in the first place."

It's been a busy few months for Chesney as he worked to get "Happy Does" to No. 1 and introduces a new radio single to stations across America. He's been off the road for more than a year, and while he's technically supposed to return to the stage on May 1 in Tampa (per his website), he admits he has not yet started rehearsing and probably won't for awhile.

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