If I were to commit a crime, this is 100% something my dumb self would have done as well.

Up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, police were investigating a burglary on Friday night. Now the burglar was not able to take anything or harm anyone. However, they were busted trying to remove the screen off the window before trying to get inside. When police arrived, they went to the window and found two items. A bag of Cheetos and a water bottle.

Can't be committing a crime on an empty stomach and without hydrating before hand. Police believe the suspect left these behind. The homeowner said the person attempting to break in looked like a woman. Police would later find Sharon Carr and the homeowner believes this was the woman that attempted to break in.

Carr was also found by police with Cheeto dust on her mouth. Damn, that Cheeto dust can be messy. Sharon Carr is facing charges of first-degree burglary. So remember folks, always get the Cheeto dust off your hands and mouth before committing crimes. You're basically leaving a trail of bread crumbs right back to you.

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