There's a suspicious and possibly dangerous con going on right now in Lawton, Fort Sill. It's been reported that there have been several instances of persons, more like criminals,  trying to gain entry into occupied homes in Lawton by using false statements and impersonation. Earlier today I saw another complaint about this on Facebook. It's like the 5th or 6th time I've come across this same story and from different people.

So what's going on and what are the stories being reported, told online and elsewhere? While at home people respond to a knock at the door or doorbell. A person or persons claim they're there to perform an inspection if you're a renter, or if you're an owner they claim to be from the insurance company. They request entry into your home. So far I don't think anyone has let them in and quickly realized something wasn't right.

From what's being said they're pretty persistent and somewhat convincing. Most of the stories I've seen so far claim that the homeowner or renter asked to verify with the company they said they were from or landlord before they would let them in. At that time they left, never to return. So what are they really wanting? It's obviously a con or scam of some type, or maybe something more concerning. Could they be looking to rob you, case your house so they can return later to burglarize it? Who knows, so be really careful.

There were even reports and stories of a person claiming to be a contracted plumber that was needing to check the home's pipes for possible damage from the recent snow and ice we had. He claimed he was contacted by the landlord or homeowner's insurance company. Whatever you do DO NOT let these people into your home. There's no telling what they're after and what they're up to. When answering the door to someone unfamiliar keep the door locked and speak through the door unless you have a security chain attached. If you do open the door to speak with someone you don't know make sure the storm door is secured and locked.

Hopefully, you have a home security system in place and the means to protect yourself and your family if need be. Just be careful and always verify who you're speaking with and their story or claims before you allow them into your home to be safe. Hopefully, this rash of recent scams, cons, or whatever it is will dry up soon and go away. In the meantime be vigilant and keep your eyes open for anything or anyone suspicious trying to gain entry into your home. If you do have an experience like this or have recently encountered what's been described above contact LPD (Lawton Police Department) and make an official police report.

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