Every once in a while there's a story that comes along where true justice happens and the good guy wins, this is one of those stories. Earlier this week in Oklahoma City, OK. a father caught a child predator touching his 9-year-old son and wasted no time thrashing him for it. He chased, tackled and may, or may not have thrown a few punches when aprehending the bad guy. Good for him! He's certainly earned that "World's Greatest Dad" coffee cup or t-shirt. This dad should get a medal and a parade for doing what he did.

The entire incident is still under investigation by OKC police, but it's looking like an open and shut case. So the basics of the story and what happened are this. A jogger in an OKC neighborhood had been seen on several occasions stopping at the school bus stop and inappropriately touching kids. He's even been seen in the area looking at his watch, waiting for the bus to drop off, or for children to go to the bus stop. After hearing about this the dad that put an end to it was in his car watching and protecting the kids.

Sure enough, this jogger came by the bus stop and at first kept going, but then came back and started touching a child who was waiting for the bus. The dad witnessed it and it was his child that was being assaulted. He jumped out of his car and went after him. The jogger turned out to be Michael Coghill who's a minister of a church in Mustang, OK. Just when you thought this story couldn't get any worse.

Here's where the true justice comes in and where the story gets good. The dad chased after him and beat the hell out of the guy, look at the mugshot. This guy absolutely deserved everything he got and more. I guess he ended up with a broken eye socket and a fractured skull. I'm glad he was caught and the kids are all okay and safe. They're a whole lot safer with this guy off the streets that's for sure. He was arrested for lewd acts to a child and is currently behind bars at the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

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