The 2014 year is not off to a great start for citizens of the Lawton community. The Lawton Police Department told KSWO that they have responded to an increasing number of burglary calls since the new year began. The reports are not limited to home invasions but also include burglaries of cars, as well as businesses, stealing everything from home electronics to prescription medications.

Nola McReynolds, one of the twenty victims of a burglary attempt, told KSWO that LPD is not sure who is responsible for the break-ins but encourage the Lawton community to keep an eye out within their neighborhood.

"We're asking for everybody's help to curb some of this type of activity," LPD Captain Cliff Blasengame told KSWO.

KSWO warns community members to take precaution and remain aware of what is going on within the streets of their neighborhood. Citizens are encouraged to lock their homes and vehicles when they are not in use.

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