For most of us, the Memorial Day weekend was spent around the grill with burgers, steaks and brats with family and friends. That got the KLAW Morning Crew thinking (mostly about lunch) about what types of burgers were hitting the grill this past weekend.

Jeri’s favorite burger involved Pepper Jack cheese smothering a thick patty, with bacon and honey mustard on a potato bun. I like to use grilling as an excuse to clean out the refrigerator, and start by chopping up and sautéing as many kinds of peppers as I can get my hands on, dump it all into the meat, then top it with extra sharp cheddar, provolone, blue cheeses, bacon, and mushrooms. Then I finish it all off with a little A-1 sauce on a Philly bun.

But this wasn’t good enough for our Morning Crew.  As always, we go that extra mile for our friends and listeners. I went on “a burger mission” to find the be-all, end-all of cheeseburgers.  And as soon as Jeri heard the monkey noises coming from my cubicle, she knew I was onto something.  I found burger heaven when I stumbled upon the Cheese & Burger Society. Quickly becoming a member (and submitting my application for the Grand Burger Poobah position) I came upon recipes designed to make even the driest mouth water. Shrimp and crab and nachos and cheeses galore, it was everything a burger chef could dream of.

But we were still not satisfied. We wanted to know what YOUR favorite burgers are.

We heard that blue cheese is a VERY popular cheese-delicacy topping for more people than just me. We also heard toppings that included everything from fruit (pineapple and cherries) to other meat products (bacon and pastrami were two that got the taste buds going) to cheeses galore to onions and peppers and pickles, OH MY!!! Even the patties themselves differed from listener to listener - from fist size child-friendly patties to “daddy patties” made for the heartiest of appetites like our own favorite dentist, Dr. Drummond.

Dr. Drummond had us salivating at his burgers of 1 lb “slabs” of prime rib. Truly eeeeevil doc, just plain evil.

Here are Dr. Drummond's two favorite burgers:

All of this led to just one possible conclusion…I’m hungry.

Let us know what your favorite burger bliss is comprised of. Join the conversation on Facebook:

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