It wouldn’t be a monster movie without some good ol’ destruction of expensive vehicles, would it? In the climax of the original King Kong, Kong terrorizes Manhattan by climbing up the Empire State Building and yanking down the planes trying to shoot at him. They didn’t use helicopters as much back in 1933, but now we do, and guess what Kong is going to be throwing literal palm trees at in the new movie?

The Kong: Skull Island international trailer is shorter than the other trailers so far, and is pretty much just a remix of a few key shots we’ve seen before. That cadre of helicopters we see in the beginning is going to be pretty short-lived, it looks like. But don’t worry, we see all of our main characters down on the ground, so Kong probably knows to avoid the vehicles carrying people with actual lines. We also get a great shot of Samuel L. Jackson looking horrified as he sees Kong’s bloody handprint on the side of a large rock formation. Skull Island will be worth seeing just for the sheer size of this gorilla, who seems to grow bigger with every adaptation. The handprint itself is massive, but a more troubling thought is: whose blood is that? Kong’s? Or something else’s?

Earlier this month, we found some clues about the Skull Island mission hidden in the movie’s NYCC posters. We know that Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson’s characters and their crew are headed to the island at the behest of a secret government organization formed to find giant creatures like the kaiju Godzilla and and King Kong. According to the posters, there might be an even bigger monster hidden on the island, named after a creature in a Sumerian myth. It could be that the researchers journey to Skull Island to find whatever this thing is, or whatever remains of it, and stumble upon Kong instead. Or, more likely, according to the international trailer, he stumbles onto them.

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters March 10, 2017.

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