Lauren Alaina didn't want to leave Beyond the Edge, the new celebrity survival reality show on CBS. "I was gonna win," she says.

Alaina was disqualified at the end of Wednesday night's (April 13) episode, after her Red Team lost to a Blue Team, led by actor Jodie Sweetin. She had raised the most money for her charity to that point, having been a part of all four previous winning teams. Talking to Entertainment Tonightthe country star admitted leaving was for the best, but "I was crushing it."

So, what happened to Lauren Alaina?

During her team's trek from the first stage of the challenge to the lagoon, she tripped and fell, injuring her foot. The 27-year-old kept going, but after the challenge, she took her shoe off and realized she couldn't move her toes.

The episode-ending bell ringing ceremony went on without her, and no one present — including Craig Morgan, part of the winning Blue Team — decided to ring the bell to signal their departure. When they returned, they greeted Alaina, who revealed that her injury had disqualified her. She'd torn a ligament and wouldn't be allowed to continue (recap courtesy of MJs Big Blog, as storm coverage supplanted the episode in Nashville).

"I begged them to let me stay," Alaina tells ET, "But actually, looking back, my foot was not well for a very long time. So it was the right call."

Morgan and former NFL coach Mike Singletary appeared to present during Monday night's CMT Music Awards on CBS. Alaina was part of a series of commercials for Sonic during the broadcast.

Her charity on Beyond the Edge is called the Next Door. It's a Nashville-based organization that helps support women impacted by addiction, mental illness and more. With her gone, Colton Underwood is the new leader, with $42,000 raised. He and Morgan seem most comfortable in Panama, while the others are suffering from various injuries, lack of sleep and hunger.

"Tonight's episode is a real TRIP," Alaina wrote on Instagram ahead of Wednesday night's show, teasing her fate.

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