Wikipedia defines a Karen as a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. In sharing something both cool and free over the last few weeks, the Karen's came out of the woodwork yesterday to rain down their toxic irrational rage over Walmart's plan to show a legit, free drive in movie in their parking lot. We know how people are. People are never happy. I could literally post a picture of an orange paint splotch, and some Karen wouldn't be able to resist arguing that it's really just a dark salmon. That's where we're at in America. Here's the facebook post that caught so much flack.

Now, before I catch the impotent rage of more Karen's, let me just address the forced perspective of their ire. At no point in letting people know about Walmart's free drive in experience was there ever a suggestion to not support any of our local businesses... but as Karen's typically ignore any sense of logic, they assume this is some conspiracy aimed at Lawton's most historic theater, The Vaska. We've talked so many times over the years how much we love The Vaska. Especially when they do the interactive shadow performances of movies. Their Friday the 13th shadow-cast showing was epic.

We know there were some shenanigans earlier in the year in a confrontation between The Vaska and the City of Lawton mayor and city council over a proposed drive in. I'll be honest, we don't know the details of that exchange, but given the cities reputation and examples of how they've handled 2020, it's understandable why people are so passionately defensive of such an awesome theater... but the answer to that problem isn't "attack everyone else"... the answer is "never vote for an incumbent in local government." You'll have your chance to make personnel changes in city hall one day, but for now, how 'bout we all just be a couple of Fonzie's and stop attacking the legit, free, open to the public events we do get to enjoy in this, the worst year on record for every measurable aspect of American life.

FYI - If the weather holds out, there's another planned FREE showing tonight at the Quannah Parker Walmart. Spy Kids. Should be fun if mother nature allows. While at the moment while writing this up, registration for tickets is currently closed... That's the nature of working around the weather. But if conditions improve, those tickets might become available again. In talking with the guys setting everything up yesterday, they mentioned that in most places, they just let people in that drive up. Keep an eye on the weather, if the movie goes ahead, it starts at 7:30.

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