Lena Stone says she enjoyed every single moment of shooting the music video for "Nervous," and it shows during this behind the scenes video exclusive to Taste of Country.

Stone's first major music video debuted on CMT, which meant a huge pop in her social media and some attention as an artist, not just a writer. The Song Suffragettes singer and regular #LetTheGirlsPlay performer admits she's enjoying the attention.

"Having gotten my start in town as a writer, writing "Fight Like a Girl" (Kalie Shorr) and "Everything Is Texas" (Kasey Tyndall), and songs for other artists, to have my first song splash in such in a big way made some people go, 'Oh, she really is an artist.'"

With new music coming in the fall, Stone is eager to keep proving just that. Regular Monday night gigs on an all-female stage have influenced the Massachusetts native. Two years ago she may not have been as sure-footed about her future.

"They all say such cool things," Stone says of her friends and female #LetTheGirlsPlay counterparts, "but no one is saying the things that I want to say, so I feel like that to me has almost made my path more clear."

Look for Shorr and more of Stone's friends in this BTS video. It was filmed in Nashville and ties a bow on a song her fans have known her for since at least 2015.

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