Each year’s ceremony usually yields a handful of viral moments, little unexpected happenings that catch the public’s interest and make their way around social media platforms. Last year, the surprise selfie taken by host Ellen Degeneres quickly set Twitter ablaze, racking up millions of retweets and favorites in a matter of minutes.

This year’s ceremony re-set that bar, with Leonardo DiCaprio’s long-awaited Best Actor win now the most-tweeted Oscar moment of all time. Deadline’s AwardsLine blog reports that users fired off 440,000 tweets per minute about Leo’s win, dwarfing the selfie’s reported 255,000 per minute rate. (Though Ellen’s photo still retains the most retweets of a single Oscar post, made a bit easier as it came exclusively from @TheEllenShow’s account.)

DiCaprio’s presumed thirst for an Oscar has become a running joke around the web, with viewers hotly anticipating the announcement of whether or not this would be the year that Leo finally pinned down that elusive Oscar. When he did, the catharsis of meme-death was huge, so huge that the moment easily eclipsed the former record-holder. Now, just imagine how many tweets there will be when master cinematographer Roger Deakins finally wins an Oscar after having been nominated thirteen times without a win. People will lose their s---.

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