One of the best directors of our generation is filming a movie just north of us? Uh yeah, we want to be in the movie.

I'm already prepared for people asking how we know if this real. Remember when people believed the next Star Wars film was being shot in Wichita Falls? Yeah I do, I wrote a story calling morons out for actually believing that. This time, we have an actual casting call from a real casting agency. So if you want to sign up, here you go.

Martin Scorsese is filming his next movie in Tulsa, Bartlesville and Osage County areas of Oklahoma in spring and late summer of this year. People 18 and older and of all ethnicities are needed. The film will be set in the late 1920s of Oklahoma. “Killers of the Flower Moon” will be a film adaptation of David Grann’s bestselling book. A story of oil, greed and murder set in the Osage Nation, the film’s cast will include Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro.

“Natural looks” (no heavy makeup, no fake eyelashes) are requested for those who make photo submissions. Also, anyone selected to appear in the film would be asked to start growing out hair and facial hair, including eyebrows, so they can be styled according to the era of the story. They would normally do a big casting call, but due to Covid, it's virtual.

So here's your chance to be in a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, granted you may just be in the background, but who cares.

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