Rising trio Levon have shared the music video for their "Mrs. Robinson"-inspired single "Ms. Marianne." Readers can press play above to watch.

Levon don't shy away from the fact that the subject matter of "Ms. Marianne" was influenced by the famous Simon and Garkfunkel song and character from The Graduate. The idea for the track came to Levon lead singer Michael David Hall when he was working as a waiter at a restaurant -- the same restaurant at which the trio ended up filming its music video, funny enough -- and hit it off with a beautiful older woman.

The lyrics of "Ms. Marianne" border on over-the-top at times, with Hall singing lines such as "She said, 'Boy, you're a flavor that I've never picked / But if you were on the end of the popsicle stick / I would eat you up as you melted all over my hand' / I said, 'Yes, ma'am.'" However, the often-racy words are a hit with Levon's fans, who can't help but smile and laugh when they hear it.

“Playing this song live always gets a lot of laughs,” Levon member Jake Singleton tells People. “Whether it’s from the story Michael tells to set it up or lyrics like "Chardonnay flirting" or us three trying to mess each other up onstage, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself during this song.”

Adds bandmate Ryan Holladay, "It always grabs [the audience’s] attention, and by the end of the song, there are a lot of people singing along. It makes our job so much easier when we look out and see people smiling and singing back at us. It’s always a highlight of the set for me.”

For Levon, "Ms. Marianne" is more than just a "Mrs. Robinson" remake, though: It's the song that really made them feel like a band.

“"Ms. Marianne" was actually the first song we played with Ryan when we met him,” Hall says. “We went from three strangers to being Levon almost instantly; it just felt right.”

Levon have the spent the past couple of years opening for artists such as AlabamaKelsea BalleriniFlorida Georgia LineMaddie & Tae and Chase Rice. In February, they signed a dual deal with Sony Music’s Columbia Nashville and Epic Records.

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