Looking Glass was an American pop rock group of the early 1970s that was part of the Jersey Shore sound. Aaron Watson is a fiercely independent Texas-based country music act that is a big part of the current Texas Music scene. Now the two acts will be forever intertwined.

Aaron Watson's latest album Red Bandana was the third "surprise" national success in a row for The Honky Tonk Kid -- and a breath of fresh air for country music fans this past summer.

This week, Watson joined his drummer Nate Coon for an episode Coon's semi-regular, "The Green Room Sessions." This time the guys tackled the Looking Glass smash "Brandy." It's pretty rad. We're just trying to understand why they didn't give us the whole song. We'd really like to hear the whole song, guys.

If you need a refresher, here is the original:

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