The best part of working in radio? Getting to hear new music first. This week the upcoming self-produced, self-titled album from Whiskey Myers showed up in the mail. I dusted off the CD player in my truck and have been jamming this masterpiece continuously since Tuesday.

Now five albums into a decade-plus career, and these East Texas rockers keep staying true to themselves while finding new ways to impress. Start to finish, it's another solid southern rock country album. Side note: the John Jeffers' penned and sung "Bitch" will probably break by Saturday -- I've been listening to it too much.

This week the guys shared another new song, “Bury My Bones.” It was written by Jeffers, and Tennessee Jet. The heartfelt power ballad reminds us that no matter where life takes you, you still gotta make it back home; something Whiskey Myers has never forgotten.

Whiskey Myers drops on September 27th.

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