Sometimes, when it comes to their kids and sports, parents forget that it's not the Super Bowl or the World Series, but that it is in fact Pop Warner football and Little League baseball. Parents put pressure on their kids to perform at a level beyond their years and forget that it is truly about the kids having fun.

This wasn't lost on Joel Jenson, who is the coach for Oregon's entrant in the Little League World Series in Williamspot, PA this week. Recently, Jenson's squad was facing Italy in a consolation game. But it was Jenson doing the consoling, with his son Isiah on the mound.

After Isiah walked a batter to lead off to lead off the top of the fifth inning, the senior Jenson went out to the mound to talk to his pitcher, and to deliver a special message to his son. Because, after all, the message is what it is all about.

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