Chicago Cubs fan suffered. 108 years is a long time to suffer. Honestly, its a long time for anything. Cubs fans aren't made, or don't come into being like fans of teams that have come along in the last 30 years, like the Colorado Rockies or Florida (now Miami) Marlins. Even teams like the Texas Rangers, having moved from Washington to Arlington, TX in 1972, are just infants compared to the Cubs. And Cubs fans waited and suffered longer than most teams have existed. Cubs fans are born and raised by families that are Cubs fans; Cub fans are forged from years of disappointment into baseball's equivalent of hardened steel.

Wayne Williams is a Cub fan who currently lives in North Carolina. His father, Wayne senior was a Cub's fan. Wayne Sr. and Jr. made a promise to each other, that when, not if, the Cubs made the World Series, they would listen to the games together. Wayne Sr, was a Navy man and a loyal Cubs fan. The younger Williams made sure last night that that would be a promise kept, driving over 600 miles from his home in North Carolina to Greenwood, IL, just to listen to last night's game 7 with his father. And when he got there, dad was waiting for him.

They didn't watch the game in the living room, or at a bar. They didn't catch the game on the radio out in the back or even with a group of friends. It was just the two of them, Wayne Williams and his father, at Greenwood Forrest Lawn Cemetery. The elder Williams past away in 1980 at the age of 53. His son made sure that the promise was kept. And last night, for at least one night, they were together again, sharing a bit of heaven.

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