Sunday marked the inaugural 'Live and Local from Terry Allen's Guitar Bar.  This is a show that been month in the making, and features live music and interviews from local musicians as the appear at the Guitar Bar, 1816 SW 11th Street.

Featured artists for this week are the Allen Biffle Band.  With two CD's under their belt, they are poised for big things in Southwest Oklahoma. Their current single 'Good Time Tonight' is also the title of their Sophomore CD.

Biffle says the difference in the two CD's boils down to the writing.  'I wrote mostly love songs on the first CD, but on this one I wanted to explore lots of different ideas and still link them all together with one thought'.  Not an easy task, but the band has done a great job.

'Live and Local' airs on Sunday evenings at 7pm.  There was a bit of a challenge if you were listening online, so we have some of the songs from the show for those that may have missed it.










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