Lawton Resident  OHP Trooper Richard Vanhorn was recently promoted to Lieutenant. It is a pleasure and honor to recognize one of our local heroes.

Often our law enforcement officers are seen in a negative light.  My opinion is that this is an attempt to nullify and justify our own wrong-doings while breaking the law no matter how big or small they may seem.

I have served as a Deputy Sheriff in two of our surrounding counties, currently working as a reserve police officer for the city of Waurika, and have seen first hand the personal sacrifices many of these men and women have made.

During this video you will see Trooper Van Horn with his wife and two son's. These officers

attempt to balance duty as well as their duties as spouse and parent, often sacrificing one of the latter.  A balance between the three is not always and easy task to accomplish.

I see these men and women as heroes who have made a commitment to Protect and Serve all citizens at any cost.  The lack of recognition for what they do saddens me and that is why I wanted to recognize the promotion of OHP Officer Vanhorn to Lieutenant.

Colonel Ricky Adams, Chief of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Assistant Oklahoma Public Safety Gerald Davidson Officiate the promotion ceremony.