LoCash are feeling the love in their new lyric video for "Ring on Every Finger." Click play above to watch the sweet clip, featuring real-life marriage proposals.

Whether they involve sky-diving, choreographed dance numbers in the middle of Times Square or intimate moments at home, the proposals featured in the "Ring on Every Finger" lyric video show off the unique love that can be found in every relationship, while also celebrating the time-honored tradition of getting down on one knee and pulling out a ring.

“I’ll put on a ring on every finger / Just to show that I’m legit / Gonna try my last name on ya / Just to see if it fits," sing LoCash as home videos of precious proposals at military bases, on ice-skating rinks and at the top of mountains play. "If I could, baby / Oh, I would marry you a million times / Put a ring on every finger / Just to show the whole world that you’re mine.”

"Ring on Every Finger" is the third single off of LoCash's third studio album, The FightersThe album was released in June of 2016 and also features the No. 1 hit "I Know Somebody" and the energy-fueled lead single "I Love This Life." The duo is currently on the road as part of Live Nation’s Ones to Watch Tour, which will hit more than a dozen cities through April of 2017. To learn more about upcoming shows, visit LoCash’s official website.

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