Sometimes, Luke Bryan has no filter. The singer wrote what he was thinking after wife Caroline Bryan shared a sexy picture of herself on Instagram.

Mrs. Bryan was actually making a joke in sharing a photo of herself wearing only a white button-up dress shirt last week. The image came from a photoshoot she did with photographer Ford Fairchild, and she's leaning in and looking off to the left as she sits on a bar stool, hands positioned to keep the shirt tails down, tan legs on display.

Hundreds of people responded, including singer Lauren Alaina who said, "You. Are. Hot" and Brett Young's wife Taylor who wrote, "Hot hot hot!"

Bryan — who has been married to Caroline for 13 years — replied with "Legs. Yummy" and the fire emoji. Her fans and his fans appreciated that kind of ... candor.

"I can’t even tell you how adorable it is that you love your wife so much. God bless you both," one writes. "YOUR REPLY HAS ME ROLLINGGGGG," another fan writes in response to Bryan. A third tells them to get a room.

Caroline Bryan was sharing the picture to contrast how she looks today, during pandemic quarantine.

"The only thing I have in common with this picture these days," she captions, "I’m still not wearing pants. Quarantine has me looking like a dump truck."

Later she added that she might wash her hair that day, but no promises were made. The @linabryan3 Instagram account is the place to be for all the candid pictures and pranks you could possibly want from the country couple. Last week she shared how she got revenge on Luke after he scared her off her bike by blasting a train horn.

Watch Caroline Bryan Get Revenge:

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