Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline, may not have done the most compassionate thing first when she found her son Tate in a bad way, but all's well that ends well, especially when there's video.

The 11-year-old got himself stuck in a toddler swing, so naturally Caroline Bryan whipped out her smartphone and began filming when she found him. The recently-shared video may only be topped by the comments from celebs like Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town.

That is, until Tate explains what he was thinking.

"I wanted to bring back memories," he offers as Bo and an unnamed friend try to leverage him out. The country singer doesn't make a cameo here, but his advice on how he gets out of his tight jeans may have proven useful.

"Just let me enjoy this," Caroline tells her boy.

Toddler swings are, of course, made for toddlers — not your typical pre-teen. It's clear the green harness gives the Bryans' youngest son a good squeeze before a combination of improvised techniques are cobbled together to extract him from the playset. His lack of shoes indicate he may be playing close to home — or perhaps he was looking to bring back memories of time spent in his own yard.

Kids can be nostalgic in the strangest ways.

"Getting into some trouble ... we wonder where he gets it from," @bbinfluence says in the comments.

"He'll be singing soprano for a while!! Lol," says @dsthreadz.

Bo and company do eventually get Tate out, after a few playful smacks to the vulnerable.

"My kid got stuck in a toddler swing…WTH was he thinking???" Caroline writes. "I’m still laughing at him though!"

So are we, Caroline. So are we.

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