With the approach of fall comes deer hunting season, and Mackenzie Carpenter's "Huntin' Season" offers a unique female perspective on what that's like, as a woman.

She sings from the perspective of a woman whose partner partakes in the grueling deer hunting season that comes every year. At the beginning of the song, it sounds as if Carpenter is disappointed that her man is out hunting, but she soon reveals that she feels quite the opposite.

In fact, hunting season allows her to have some "newfound freedom," during which she can "shop online, drink all the wine, binge a whole season of the Real Housewives." 

She makes her thoughts known in the chorus, singing:

"He don't know it 'cause I sure don't show it / When I kiss him goodbye and I wish him good luck, say, 'Don't you come back without a 12-point buck" / 'Cause that's reason for my newfound freedom / No, you ain't the only one been waitin' all yеar / Oh, dear, I do love huntin' season." 

Carpenter continues her clever ruse throughout the tune, singing about how her partner simply she's simply being supportive by encouraging him to hunt. However, she's all about the free time she gets to enjoy while he's gone.

The humorous lyrics to "Huntin' Season" are paired with high-energy country instrumentation and the Georgia-born singer's twang.

"Huntin' Season" was co-written by Mackenzie Carpenter along with Micah Carpenter and Nicolle Galyon. The song began gaining popularity after Carpenter shared a performance video from the Listening Room in Nashville on TikTok in March.

The original video has since racked more than 6 million views.

Carpenter signed a record deal with the Valory Music Co. (Big Machine Label Group) in May 2022 and released her first major-label single, "Can't Nobody," also in May. According to her bio, she is currently readying her debut album.

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