If you're planning an end of Summer trip or vacation and are thinking of hitting some of the attractions or road side tourist traps around the Nation, here's a few places you might want to avoid. I say that but some of the sites listed in this survey I've actually been to and enjoyed, so take this with a grain of salt. A guy by the name of Matt Shirley recently did a survey on his Instagram account. He asked his almost 400,000 followers to tell him the worst attraction in their state and made a map showing the results.

Of course keep in mind that the people responding to this survey live in the states where they listed something as "the worst attraction." Meaning that if you live near, or have repeatedly traveled to an attraction in your state eventually you'll grow tired of it. Especially if it's a popular tourist attraction, or someplace that seems popular with non-locals. It's easy to get bored and not see what the big deal is.

So what is the worst attraction in Oklahoma? According to the survey the "Center of the Universe" in Tulsa, OK. It's been named the worst attraction in the state. I hate to admit it,  I've never been there and even though they say it's the worst, I still want to check it out for myself. After all I'm a fan of the worst in most cases.

I guess it's some kind of audio-echo anomaly. You speak or yell in the center of the circle and everything echos back, but outside the circle things sound normal or even hushed. I travel to and through Tulsa all the time so I'm thinking the next time I'm there I'll make a stop and try it out for myself. It's located in downtown Tulsa on the corner of West Archer street and North Boston Avenue.

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