Maren Morris has injected her baby's name into at least one classic children's composition. All to help the 5-month-old boy, Hayes Andrew, whom she shares with her husband, fellow musician Ryan Hurd.

That song would be 1980's "Baby Beluga," the trademark tune by Raffi, the beloved Canadian folk singer who's entertained children worldwide for nearly 50 years. To wit, Morris casually re-wrote the maritime melody in a particular way for baby Hayes, as she recently told Taste of Country Nights.

"We have worked Hayes' name into songs," the country music star explains. "But not our own songs. We were singing that Raffi song, 'Baby Beluga.' It's an old kids' song, and it goes, [Morris vocalizing] 'Baby beluga, baby beluga.' So we would go, [continues singing] 'Hayes-y, please poop-a.'

She goes on about her diaper ditty, "I don't know if he likes it or not. I'll sing him to sleep; I compulsively sing anyways. Anyone who knows me knows that whether I'm doing dishes or showering … I can't help but hum. So Hayes, whether he has a say or not, he's gonna hear Mom and Dad sing."

That's gotta be a good thing for Hayes. Since his March 23 birthday, the little tyke has stayed mostly homebound with his folks due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But that doesn't mean the new parents aren't still honing their songcraft or making time for close friends in the business.

"Ryan and I wrote a couple of weeks ago with Hardy," Morris says. "We hung out … with Kelsea Ballerini and her husband. … I think the weirdest thing is just not being able to go out with our baby. Luckily, with family and friends and FaceTime, we have been able to show him off the last few months."

Adds the "Girl" singer, "He's in such a fun phase right now. … They really do grow so quickly."

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