Meet Winnie the wonder dog. Now, at first glace she may seem to be an everyday, run of the mill, fun loving, good dog. Unfortunately she's anything but. This dog is the most vicious, mean dog alive and the very last thing you want is Winnie coming after you. She's a take no prisoners kind of K-9 and God help you if you mess with her carrots. She's also a weapons expert and despite having paws is an absolute dead shot.

This video comes to us from the YouTube channel Chris Scarlette "Corn dogs & Guns." It's an epic magnum action flick with non-stop thrills, gun play and guts, It's got it all. I guess Chris and his buddies were bored so they decided to make an action movie with his dog Winnie and the result was one of the greatest film making triumphs of our time, possibly of all time. I've never experienced a better use of (4:51) in my life. A good time and for a great cause. For every "Like": the video receives, Winnie gets a treat. So make sure you hit that "Like" button, she definitely deserves some more snacks!

While this year has been a total suck-fest and we're all a little bored, tired and frustrated it has had it's upsides, like this video for example. We can thank the pandemic with all it's shutdowns, inconveniences and quarantines for the creative genius that's being shared. People are finding all kinds of new and even weird ways to occupy their time and entertain the rest of us with their efforts. These everyday heroes are essential and have done more than their fair share to help pass the time. I'm looking forward to other movies with Winnie and hope she has a long and illustrious career.

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