Oklahoma to Become 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State?
Oklahoma could become the next entry into the growing list of 2nd Amendment sanctuary states. Across the country more and more states are introducing legislation to uphold the 2nd Amendment and refuse any additional gun control measures from Federal, state, county and even local governments. This wo…
Oklahoma Ranks In The Top 20 For Most Firearms Purchased in 2020
Oklahoma has ranked in the top 20 for the most firearms purchased in 2020. An historic number of firearms were bought and sold last year, more so than any other year in history. We're talking about roughly 21 million plus firearms according to the totals provided by the most recent FBI data and…
Guy Makes an Incredible Action Movie With His Dog
Meet Winnie the wonder dog. Now, at first glace she may seem to be an everyday, run of the mill, fun loving, good dog. Unfortunately she's anything but. This dog is the most vicious, mean dog alive and the very last thing you want is Winnie coming after you. She's a take no prisoners kind …
Introducing the Face Mask Gun
Do you feel jeopardized and violated anytime you're in the presence of a non masked individual and or group. Well then prepare yourself for one the the single greatest inventions of our time. Behold the all new and already improved face mask gun!
Dirty Harry…Potter is a Gun Filled Magical Adventure!
Hogwarts and hoglegs, it's the firearm filled magical adventure we've always wanted to see, Harry Potter with guns! Hit play and enjoy "Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons." Dirty Harry Potter just makes sense, after all who hasn't thought to themselves that the only thing …
How Many Pillows Does It Take To Stop A 50 Cal. Bullet?
It's the question that's plagued mankind since the very beginning of large lead projectiles. Just how many pillows would it take to stop a 50 cal. bullet? Luckily for us we no longer have to fret over the answer thanks to YouTube channel Demolition Ranch.
10 Crazy & Odd Weapons From the Wild West
Being a big gun guy and a huge fan of westerns I'm always interested in the weapons and firearms from the period. I stumbled across this video that highlights some of the craziest, odd and most unusual guns from the wild west.
Children and Handguns – A Recipe for Disaster?
I made a trip to our county sheriff's office today. I was applying for my carry permit. Not that I NEED to carry a gun, but I want that option because, well I guess, because I can. While I was waiting I heard a horrible story that had happened back in August in this quiet little town; A 9-year-…