With Oklahoma being a Constitutional carry state there are more than a few citizens who are either carrying a firearm concealed or in the open. So what are the most popular EDC (Everyday Carry) guns in the Sooner State? Notice that says popular, not best. Although many of the guns listed below are considered the best.


For most of us seeing and being around firearms is commonplace and we're used to it. While the majority of people continue to carry concealed it's not unusual to see someone walking around with a firearm on their hip in the open as well. Some may be alarmed by this, especially if they're visiting or just recently moved here.

Making the list of top 10 most popular carry guns in OK. is the Sig Sauer P365 X-MACRO

TSM Lawton: Critter
TSM Lawton: Critter

I recently told someone who just moved here that they would be surprised if they knew just how many people they're around every day who are armed. After setting them at ease that armed law-abiding citizens aren't the people you need to fear, they grew interested in the firearms themselves. Wanting to know more about them.

Specifically, they wanted to know what type, caliber, and brand is most popular. So we started talking about guns and the pros and cons of each when it comes to EDC choices. Afterward, they did some research by speaking with gun stores and looking up sales data online to find out what most people are buying. In the end, this list developed. I have to say all 10 of these guns are solid choices for personal and home defense.

Top 10 most popular carry guns in Oklahoma

Check out the top 10 most popular carry guns in the Sooner State. While there are a wide variety of firearms and calibers to choose from for everyday carry (EDC) the handguns listed below are among the most purchased and widely used personal and home defense weapons in Oklahoma. These models and brands account for the majority of gun sales in the state and are among the most popular choices for EDC or home defense weapons (HDW). If you're looking for a quality reliable EDC/HDW these are all solid picks. Which by default makes them the most popular. WARNING: Seek proper training and instruction on firearm safety rules and the practice of safe gun handling skills prior to the loading and carrying and/or shortage of a firearm. The time to learn what to do and how to do it isn't when your safety and life depend on it. BE SAFE!

Gallery Credit: Don "Critter" Brown

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