Oklahoma legislators have recently passed a bill (HB-2139) that would allow teachers to carry concealed firearms on campus. As you can imagine it's caused quite a controversy on both sides of the argument.

H.B. 2139 was passed by the House (79-20) along party lines and will now head to the Oklahoma Senate for consideration. The bill would allow Oklahoma school teachers with a current CCW permit to carry guns.


Currently, teachers must have an armed security guard license or be a reserve peace officer in order to carry a firearm onto school property. The bill if passed would add a valid CCW (concealed carry weapons) permit.

Those who oppose the bill state that it would make schools less safe. They also take issue with the state's current CCW training and licensing saying the training required for a CCW permit isn't enough or sufficient.

Watch the video below for more information about HB-2139 and the changes it makes

Nowhere in the bill does it make the carrying of a firearm mandatory, it's an option for those teachers who wish to and are in possession of a valid Oklahoma CCW permit. So it would be left up to the individual.

Within minutes, maybe even seconds after the House passed the bill all the usual hypothetical, hysterical, nightmare, unwarranted doomsday predictions started and have been echoed non-stop ever since.


You know what I'm talking about, people saying things like "If this passes our schools will become even more unsafe and a wild west bloodbath." Of course, this type of panic-driven rhetoric is completely unfounded.

Personally, I hope the bill passes. It's obvious at least to me that the whole "gun-free zone" thing isn't working and it never has. As a matter of fact "gun-free zones" are among the most dangerous places in the U.S.

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