A grant written by the Oklahoma DAC (District Attorneys Council) will soon see Oklahoma get awarded 3.6 million dollars to help reduce gun violence. The grant was recently approved by the Biden administration.

The funds were awarded and are a part of the Federal Government's  "Safer Communities Act." Around 230 million total was awarded to various states to assist in programs and resources to help reduce gun violence.


Once awarded the state will begin the process of selecting different organizations that wish to apply for some of the grant money. From what it sounds like the primary focus will be on mental and emotional health.

However, there may be other programs and organizations that request and are granted funds to combat gun violence in the state. From law enforcement and courts to clinics and possibly even gun safety programs.

Oklahoma will be receiving a 3.6 million dollar grant from the Feds to reduce gun violence


Honestly, I'm surprised that Oklahoma was awarded any grant money from the "Safer Communities Act." A big part of that act was the red flag laws and other infringements that the state refuses to enact or enforce.

As a matter of fact, Oklahoma passed legislation (SB 1081) that prohibits the creation or practice of any red flag laws in the state. We're one of the few, if not only states that have an anti-red flag law on the books.


Another part of the "Safer Communities Act" that focuses on pistol braces is also getting massive pushback from state legislators and Sherriffs Departments. The recent ATF rules will be ignored by most OK. sheriffs.

Not only that Oklahoma is officially a Second Amendment sanctuary state after passing (SB 631). So the fact that the state has been awarded 3.6 million despite our pro-2A stance is a little strange, to say the least.

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