If you missed it, Mike and the Moonpies dropped an orchestra-infused-country-music bomb on us late last night. The Austin-based band spent the day leading up to the surprise release updating their socials with pictures of black, then silver, and finally gold; culminating with their sixth studio album, Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold, going live at midnight.

The project was recorded at Abbey Road Studios (yes, that Abbey Road Studios), rounded out with backing from the London Symphony Orchestra, and produced by Adam Odor. It is a masterpiece of work deserving of such an iconic production studio and production.

The Moonpies' last studio album Steak Night At The Prairie Rose was one of 2018’s best reviewed releases landing on numerous “Best Of” lists including nods from Rolling Stone Country for “40 Best Country and Americana Albums of 2018,” and “25 Best Country and Americana Songs of 2018,” and Saving Country Music named them the No. 1 Best Live Performance of 2018.

This may be the only way Mike and the boys could've topped Steak Night, and by God they certainly took every possible step to do it. They pulled out all the stops. These guys are next level. And a quick aside, if you still haven't heard their cover of Fastball's "The Way" released in late spring, check it out.

These Texas boys are doing Country Music right; woodwinds, brass, strings and all.

Mike and The Moonpies ‘Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold’

Cheap Silver
You Look Good In Neon
Young In Love
Miss Fortune
If You Want A Fool Around
Fast As Lightning
London Homesick Blues

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