Montgomery Gentry have released the lyric video for their new single 'Headlights.' Written by Wendell Mobley, Bob DiPiero and Tony Martin, the song is the duo's debut tune from their upcoming new album.

“We gotta thank the writers," Troy Gentry says. “Get those three together on a song for us man, it’s total pleasure. This song totally rocks.”

"[It's] a feel-good song with a really great beat," he tells USA Today. "And it's got that Montgomery Gentry message of having a good time, laying back and looking for the weekend."

With lines like, "Follow those headlights / Down a broken fence line / Take it to the riverside / Point 'em through the red dust / Keep it in the tire ruts / If you wanna find us
Wanna go all night, hell yeah that's right / Follow those headlights," Gentry couldn't be more correct. Thankfully, he says there's plenty more from their upcoming record that their loyal fans will appreciate as well.

"We're ready to be back," Gentry says. "We've got some in-your-face, uptempo stuff, which is what Eddie [Montgomery] and I have always been about -- songs for the folks out there that work all week long and like to have a good time on the weekend and hang out and let loose. We're trying to bring that party back to everybody."

Their new album will be available on Blaster Records early next year. Download 'Headlights' here.

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