Brad Paisley kept his fans entertained on Saturday night (July 26)—and not just the ones at his concert in North Dakota. Before hitting the stage, Brad took to his Twitter page to leak a short YouTube video of two-second clips of each song from his forthcoming Moonshine in the Trunk album.
“I’m going rogue,” Paisley wrote in his first of many tweets Saturday night. “The label doesn’t know I'm doing this. Seriously. But I made a Moonshine Preview teaser. Don’t tell. Better listen to this while you can. I bet the label tries to pull it down. Clock’s ticking.”

Sure enough, Brad's label, Sony Music Nashville, caught wind of what he was doing, sending him an e-mail saying they were shutting him down. Brad of course posted the e-mail exchange with comical captions to go along side them. “Hurry up and Listen,” he wrote. “I’m going to dentention. Breakfast club!!! Here I come.”

He then jokingly replied to his label, a screen shot with: “I really do love my record label.Especially for puttin’ up with my $h@t. But I love y’all even more. Ha! Priorities.” The video was quickly made private, but that didn't stop our Brad. "That was fun while it lasted. Too bad I can't.... Oh wait...hmmmm," he posted. "Stand by..."

Minutes later, Brad came back swinging with another video link. "Okay suits. Catch me if you can. Take 2: enjoy." Like the first video, e-mails were exchanged. "Uh oh. Here we go again," Brad said. "So here's the 2nd link to the Teaser of the album. They're gonna pull it any minute. But I'm working on the 3rd."

To Brad's surprise, he won the battle with his label, as they eventually realized they had been outplayed by their artist. “Is the clip still up?” he inquired to his 2.82 million Twitter followers. “If it isn’t don't worry. The 3rd clip is ready to upload. Ha! Gotta get up pretty early in the morning to beat ole BP. Sometimes I feel for those vicariously responsible for my actions. Victory! Wow this was hilarious. Can’t believe I just had this exchange. Really funny.”

As he wrapped up his tweets to head on stage for his show, Brad left fans with one more teaser. “Wonder if I can get away with that with an entire song....” he wrote. “Someone just asked if the label really didn't know I was gonna post this clip tonight. They really & truly didn't know. Y’all should be ready tomorrow night cause I may just leak somethin'else during @RisingStarABC -til then,BP-1 suits-0.”

Fans can still check out the YouTube Moonshine in the Trunk album teaser below. The album is set to hit stores on August 26.

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