Morgan Wallen's son, Indie, is the spitting image of his famous father in an adorable new Halloween picture his mother has posted online.

Wallen's former fiancee, Katie Smith, gave birth to son Indigo Wilder in July, and she turned to Instagram on Tuesday (Oct. 20) to share a too-cute-for-words picture of the adorable tyke dressed up just like his father's stage gear in a tiny little red plaid shirt with cutoff sleeves and jeans, wearing a red mullet wig. He's sticking out his tongue in the precious photo, which his mom captioned, "My tea is sweet but honey you’re sweeter. Happy Halloween from lil Indie Wilder."

Her followers reacted with raves for the picture, with one IG user noting, "Dangly cross earring & all. Love it!"

Smith has shared details online about her previous relationship with Wallen, though he has not confirmed them. She says she got pregnant in Canada in the fall of 2019. The couple are no longer together, but it appears they have been trying to co-parent their son.

Wallen's had an up-and-down year in 2020, seeing his stock rise in country music despite some personal setbacks, including getting arrested in Nashville in May following an incident at Kid Rock's downtown bar. He was released on bond shortly after his arrest, and a judge declined to prosecute Wallen on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct in July.

"Little Wilder, I’m a changed man. Since you came into the world Friday, I see mine differently now. It’s not just me anymore, and I’m glad it’s not," Wallen wrote in sharing the news of his son's birth with fans on July 13. "This year has been the hardest of my life in so many ways, but that’s not what I will remember it by. You are. You are a gift and this tough year just made sense."

Wallen most recently made headlines when his Saturday Night Live debut, which was scheduled for Oct. 10, was canceled just days after viral videos of the singer partying maskless with fans in multiple different locations after attending an Oct. 3 University of Alabama football game made the rounds on Twitter and TikTok, sparking widespread coverage in mainstream publications.

The 27-year-old singer has since issued a statement saying he is stepping away from the spotlight for a while to  "work on me," admitting, "I think I have some growing up to do."

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