Surely there's more to Morgan Wallen's mullet than meets the eye, right? The "Whiskey Glasses" singer is a throwback who's not afraid to let his country roots show, but until recently, he'd kept those roots tamed by a more contemporary hairstylist.

In 2018 Wallen has been #MulletStrong, with a '90s mustache added to round out his country boy charm. It's a look that recalls all the Joes. "I got a lot of Joe Diffie, Joe Dirt," he says laughing and fully appreciating the good and bad comments he gets.

Don't look now, but this RISER may have started a trend.

"It somewhat become a thing," he says. "I'll have some meet and greets and there will be dudes coming in there with mullets and cut-off flannels."

But ... why? Actually, a better question might be, who? The "Up Down" singer says the idea was planted while visiting his parents house. "I was looking at a photo album of (my dad) and my mom and I got to their wedding and he had a mullet during their wedding. I just said, ‘Dang, Dad, that looks kinda good — I think I might try it.’"

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His father — a truck driving, classic rock-loving preacher — told him to follow his instincts, and a few months later the mullet had arrived. It takes some up-keep. In fact, during his RISERS performance shoot, a stylist trimmed him up and worked on his sides, and that's what makes Wallen's look feel more contemporary than his mullet forefathers. Sorry Billy Ray, but this 25-year-old has brought the look to the 21st century and then some.

"I get some hate for sure," he admits. "Somebody thought ... they said, 'Look at Morgan Wallen up on stage with a mullet and a dip in!' (laughs) I did not have a dip in, okay?!"

After a year spent touring with Luke Bryan, look for Wallen on his own If I Know Me Tour beginning in January.

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