It was a crazy and unexpected storm yesterday evening in Comanche County. Mother Nature became moody and let loose with rain, high winds, tons of lighting and thunder, and even some hail. It's late in the season for this type of storm, but it's Oklahoma so anything can happen at any time weatherwise. It started sprinkling late yesterday afternoon then turned into a full-blown thunderstorm by early evening.

Cache got the worst of the storm and several homes and businesses were damaged. Some thought it was a tornado, but according to meteorologists, it was a sudden downburst of strong winds, rain, and hail. The Chisholm Corner convenience store was damaged and most of the awning was ripped back and folded. There were also some houses in Cache and the surrounding area that ended up having roof damage due to the storm. Not to mention all the trees, sheds, and other property that got hit full force.

KSWO 7 News did a great job yesterday evening on-air and on their social media pages keeping everyone informed on what the storm was doing. They also shared viewers' pictures, some were amazing, even beautiful. I'm sure the weather department at KSWO wasn't surprised by the pop-up storm, I certainly was. I didn't think it would produce the kind of lightning, thunder, and wind we saw. But that's Oklahoma for you.

Check out some of the pictures from yesterday's storm below. You can visit the official KSWO 7 News Facebook page for all the photos and descriptions. The pictures from the mountains and lake are incredible. Now that temperatures are starting to cool off some and Fall is officially here we should hopefully see an end to thunderstorms for a while. Of course, there's also a chance that we could see a few more before Winter.

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