As a young girl, growing up in a small town, I remember May Day being a fun time.  First it was a sure sign that summer was just around the corner but second, and probably most important, I got to set out May baskets on the door step of all the cute boys in town.

spring time

We would work for days ahead of time making our May baskets.  They were very simple.  We would use a Dixie cup, pipe cleaners and ribbon to decorate our "baskets".  Then fill them with left over Easter grass and all kinds of different candies.

The object of the "game" was to hang the May basket from the door knobs of homes throughout the neighborhood, ring the doorbell and run and hide and watch them discover the basket.  If they caught you they would have to kiss you.  If the boy was particularly cute I would run really slow.

I found some really cute ideas for May Baskets on Pinterest.  One in particular that looked exactly like the ones we made as young children came from the blog "Vintage Umbrella".  This is exactly as we used to make them.

It's a fun and simple craft for your children to make.  It also introduces you to some of the neighbors you may not know very well.  It will put a smile on their faces for sure!

Are there any traditions you recall as a small child that you would like to do again?  What's stopping you?

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