Its been the subject of science fiction for decades. Does life now, or has it ever, existed on the Red Planet, Mars. Scientist have remained sceptical, saying that existence of water would have be proven for life to have exist on the planet. The thought of colonizing would also be dependent on the same existence in order to create a foux oxygen atmosphere. For years scientists could night find the evidence.

Until today.

NASA scientists now suggest Mars once had enough water to fill great lakes and rivers. Scientists were limited to the water vapor at the polar caps. But five years ago, unexplainable dark streaks were discovered running down craters and mountains. The lines would come and go with the Martian seasons, but it could not be determined whether it was water, landsides or simply dust storms.

Scientists working with NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter concentrated on the mysterious lines and finally the signature elements of water were discovered bonded to molecules of perchlorate, made up of chlorine and oxygen, were discovered. They determined that something was moisturizing the perchlorate, and that something was liquid water. The source of the water, may it be atmospherical, from melting ice flows or from an aquafier is unknown, but it is liquid water.

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