It sounded kinda strange that Lawton Animal Welfare and the Humane Society would restrict the adoption of black cats till after Halloween.  Recently published news reports site the idea that some people may abuse or sacrifice these animals around the holiday.

I wanted to check and see if this is, indeed, something to worry about.  Turns out, a cat has a much bigger chance of being eaten by a coyote than a satanic cult.  In fact my exhaustive research (which included at least 4 websites and the trusty and indicate most of the hype is just that:  hype.

While there is a small statistical increase in animal deaths around Halloween, many experts view that as a reaction to people being out in cars more, more people moving around neighborhoods and frightening animals and, frankly, colder weather making food scarce for predator animals.

Lawton isn't alone, though.  Hundreds of pet rescue and humane societies across the country restrict the adoption of black cats during the season.  Some restrict adoption of small dogs, too.  Police and other enforcement agencies around the country say there is no need -- but if you'd rather be safe than sorry:  stop by after November and adopt a beautiful animal (black or otherwise).

I can only speak for my black cat Yoda.  He says he doesn't care what day it is and as long as I feed him, love him when he wants some love and leave him alone when he wants to be left alone -- he'll never be a symbol of evil.  Refuse to pet him at 4am when he thinks he needs a good ear scratch and we might have a different story.