It's getting warmer, so Oklahoma's critters are coming outside to play. Even though they may be cute, it's best not to feed them, mostly for the safety of those offering up a handful of peanuts.

Even though you may have pets home and consider yourself an "animal whisperer," wild animals are still wild. And feeding them can cause all sorts of issues to the animal's health and the safety have people.

What can happen if you feed a wild animal?

According to the National Park Service, feeding animals can pose all sorts of problems, especially in the long run. For one, human food is not healthy for wild animals, and it may stop them from eating the nutrients they need to survive, which will lead to them to cease "hunting, foraging, or scavenging as they would naturally." They will get chips or die trying.


Feeding wild animals can also lead to safety concerns for humans. Feeding a wild animal can decrease its fear of humans, so they may begin to beg, steal, or even rip into your belongings to get to your food. The National Parks Service urges people to not think of wild animals like their pets at home.

If the animal feels threatened for any reason, it could bite, kick, charge, or attack you.

Don't believe it? Just search "squirrel attack" on TikTok and you'll find plenty of examples.

@landonsym♬ original sound - Landon

This goes for birds, too, especially geese. During the spring time, Canadian Geese start invading Oklahoma. A lot of Oklahomans think it's a great idea to provide them with food, but according to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, this is actually extremely dangerous, especially in high-foot traffic areas because it teaches them to associate humans with a food source.

In a TikTok, the department stated "once that happens, the geese are likely to have goslings in inconvenient and even unsafe areas." And if this happens, you may cross an angry goose trying to protect their nest.

@okwildlifedept THE GEESE ARE NESTING RIGHT NOW. DO NOT FEED THEM. Feeding geese, ESPECIALLY IN HIGH FOOT TRAFFIC AREAS, teaches them to associate humans with a food source. Once that happens, the geese are likely to have goslings in inconvenient and even unsafe areas. Do your part to end the cycle of hissing and goose confrontations. DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE #oklahoma #wildlife #conservation #goose #funny #meme #animals #trend ♬ original sound - Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife

Recently, a TikTok user posted a video of a goose in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that wasn't allowing people to enter a local business. A sign on the door urged people trying to enter to text a number for assistance getting in.

@befferny68 My best friend just sent me this. #tulsa #goose #geeseareaholes #danger ♬ original sound - Bethany McDermed

Again, if you don't believe us, there's plenty of examples on the internet of people feeding wild animals and regretting it instantly.

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