All of October is dedicated to Breast Cancer awareness. November is the time for the guys. This started on November the 1st. Since I was off, this is my first opportunity to show my support. No Shave November is to raise awareness of two of the most common cancers that men might encounter.

Prostrate and Testicular cancer. Of the first, it mainly strikes mid forty's although cancer does not discriminate and can become more likely with advance aging. Other reports of it not occurring until the patient is in their seventies or older.  If you have a family history of this particular cancer, chances are greatly increased that you are at risk.

Testicular. Even though the average age is between 20 - 39, again, cancer has no age limit. There are several thousand cases reported each year. This cancer is not one that is often talked about. This is one of the reason's behind the No Shave November. Awareness needs to be brought out on the affects of this cancer just as lung cancer or prostrate cancer or any cancer.

As with any health issue, you need to get screened accordingly. If you are at a certain age, talk with your physician. Ask questions. Do not hold back information. A great source of information on any of these can be found courtesy of the American Cancer Society.

I encourage all men to not shave this month in support of cancer awareness. This is day 4 and although a bit itchy, it makes me stop and think that if I had cancer and had to get a treatment that caused all of my hair to fall out, I would not have to shave at all. I will give updates via Facebook on my progress during the month.

Will you join with me?

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