Attention men: Have you always wanted to see if you could grow your mustache out to a Tom Selleck-level of awesomeness?

Well, now is your chance, as November is “Movember,” that time when men of shaving age let their lip sweaters go in order to raise funds and awareness for health issues that affect guys, in particular prostate and other cancers.

“Mo Bros.,” as they’re called, raise money for cancer research by getting friends, coworkers and family members to pledge in support of their facial hair growth. At the end of the month they post photos of their beards, handlebar mustaches, mutton chops and more for all the world to see.

You can learn how to participate in the month-long event , or donate to the cause on Movember’s website. Also, check out a funny gallery of women with mustaches over on GuySpeed.

Happy Movember!

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