What a beautiful little Texas town, but such an enormous tragedy that happened. This weekend on my way back to Dallas from San Antonio, I stopped by the town of West, Texas to pay my respects -- and, I guess, to satisfy that curiosity bug I had about what everything looks like.

As you can imagine, it looks like a giant bomb went off. People were on their front lawns boarding up windows, working on the house, etc. There are huge bottles of water on every corner for those in need, and tons of volunteers. The police presence is unimaginable -- at least two cars on every corner.

Such a tragedy. Let us all remember to continue to pray. It will take years for our friends in West to get their lives back to where they were before that terrible day.

Jeremy Robinson is the host of Taste of Country Nights, a syndicated radio show that airs on 41 stations across the United States on weeknights. Radio has been his life since the age of nine, when he “hosted” a show out of his bedroom. After almost 16 years on the air, country music isn’t just his job — it’s also his passion.

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