The drink of every summer in Oklahoma is no doubt the cherry limeade. Nothing tastes better on a hot summer day than the sweet and tangy cherry limeade. But Oklahomans do have their preference of which Oklahoma restaurant has the best cherry limeade, and it's between Braum's and Sonic.

This is a longstanding debate in Oklahoma.

For decades Oklahomans have been going back and forth on who has the best cherry limeade - Braum's or Sonic. One Oklahoma influencer and their mother took to TikTok to break down the debate. The Oklahoma TikTok influencer @maryledbetter9 got their mom to help them decide which Oklahoma restaurant has the better cherry limeade.

They first looked at the color of the drinks and they noticed that both drinks were a pleasant pink color. As for price, a medium cherry limeade at Sonic was $2.95 (not during happy hour or purchased on the Sonic app) and at Braum's it was $2.18.

They both then closed their eyes for the taste test. Both of the cherry limeades had way more lime than cherry. But both the mom and daughter decided that the cherry limeade from Braum's was the better of the two because although it was tart, it was sweeter than the one from Sonic.

@maryledbetter9 Who has a better cherry limeade?‍ Braum’s or Sonic? #sonic #braums #cherrylimeade #tastetest ♬ original sound - Mary Hatheway

What do you think? Who has the better cherry limeade??

We want to know what you think! Who has the better cherry limeade - Braum's or Sonic?? Message us on our station app to let us know!

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