Chances are good that this kid will never start a fight again.

Last week, Janie Peterson of Moore, Oklahoma got a call from her 8-year-old son's school. Turns out her eight-year-old son, Malachi, had started a fight. He picked the fight with another boy over a girl they both liked - and the winner of the fight would get to be the girl's boyfriend.

The fight was broken up before it started, but both of them were sent to the principal's office and suspended for three days, but that wasn't enough for Malachi's mom. She decided to take the punishment a step (or two) further.

On Wednesday night (Sept 4), she made him stand out on a busy street corner, holding a sign that said, "I picked a fight because I'm a bully."

Janie says, "He's eight years old. First off, there's no reason for him to be all about a girl right now, and second off, assault is assault whether you're eight or 88. I'm not going to put up with it."


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